Dog Training & Behaviour

I have been training dogs since I was a small child. It all began with by Grandma’s dog, Toby, a very naughty JRT who I would spend hours training to sit, stay and recall. My Nan then used to chase him around with a fire poker when he barked constantly at passers-by until he hid under the sofa. Needless to say her training techniques were not effective and do not form the basis of my training style! My neighbour’s dogs were equally subjected to training regimes until horses became my new passion. I was then surrounded by farm dogs and still have a soft spot for Border collies, Springer spaniels, and terriers.

My adult working life has been as varied as working for HSBC as a trainee corporate banker to riding thoroughbred racehorses and for the last 20 years as a successful publican. Dog training is run from the grounds of my pub and is my passion. I was inspired to pursue my canine interests by teaching with Yeovil Agility Club which I joined in 2010, I was asked to take lessons following the success of my own dogs on the competition circuit and shortly after I began studying with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training to become a qualified and competent behaviourist as well as dog trainer as I realised that knowledge of dog training was not enough. Understanding why our dogs behave as they do is essential if you want to have a great relationship with your dog whether it be for a dog sport of just everyday life. I have been teaching and undertaking behavioural consults since 2012.

I gained additional experience by working for 2 local charities where I assisted with daily exercise as well as training and behavioural assessments. It is in this environment that you discover how much stress can impact on a dog’s behaviour and also you come across a wide range of behavioural problems from general basic obedience, or lack of it, separation anxiety issues as well as aggression both to humans and other dogs. I have also fostered dogs for one of the charities most of whom were considered unsuitable for rehoming due to the level of problems they presented. They are all now in loving and permanent homes. This interest in rescue dogs followed on from 2 of my own dogs being ‘second hand’ as well as taking in various waifs and strays for people over the years as they had in some way blotted their copy books and needed new owners.

I have always preferred working outdoors and with animals and consider myself privileged to be able to pursue a passion as a career. I will keep studying and working alongside the local rescue centres as each dog can teach you something new and research and theories are always emerging that challenge established opinions, just think back to the days of Barbara Woodhouse! With rescue centres over flowing with unwanted dogs and many more euthanized on a daily basis there is clearly a need for us to start learning more about this wonderful animal that we share our lives with and by visiting this website you are taking the first important steps to doing just that.