Dog Training & Behaviour

I believe that a relationship between yourself and your dog with mutual respect for each other is essential for a healthy and rewarding life together. Good basic obedience results in a dog that is a pleasure to live with and ensures the dogs safety as well as the general public and other dogs but it also helps to establish a bond between yourself and your dog. Teaching the difference between ‘yes’ that is good, and ‘no’ I don’t want you to do that is fundamental. Positive rewards for doing the right thing is more enjoyable for both you and your dog so I don't use punishment based techniques but I do set rules and boundaries about what behaviour is and isn't acceptable, positive is not permissive! Motivation, self control and focus on you, the owner, are core fundamentals of my training techniques. I also work on the emotional state of your dog, a stressed dog cannot learn so it's important we find ways to ensure your dog is in a suitable emotional state to facilitate behaviour change. I use science based methods which I keep abreast of through ongoing training by regularly attending workshops, seminars and through on line training courses. There is always more to learn and I am fascinated by the progress we are making in understanding more about how our dogs minds work and what affects their choices.

Through an understanding of canine communication and the influence of your own body language you can begin to give clearer signals at the right time; poor understanding and poor communication are the root of many canine behaviour issues and until you improve (through training) you cannot influence your dog’s behaviour positively. Adequate mental as well as physical stimulation, an appropriate diet and good decision making by you for your dog help to create the type of relationship that human and canine have enjoyed over centuries and becoming a calm benevolent leader should be your goal.