Paula & Her Dogs

Dog Training & Behaviour

I currently own 2 dogs.

Rolo is a 13 year old, neutered Jack Russell Terrier cross Poodle who came to me at 6 months old having been kept indoors in a crate with several other dogs his whole life. Physically he was in a dreadful condition and mentally he was very nervous and had not been outside so actually barked at the sky in terror! With careful exercise and controlled exposure to the outside world he soon became an agile and energetic healthy dog who went on to compete at agility, successfully moving up to Champion level within 2 seasons. His career was ended after an accident in which he broke his pelvis in 4 places. He is very sociable but has some resource guarding tendencies and is very bonded with me, a velcro dog, so he takes careful management and training to ensure these tendencies do not become a major issue. He loves training and has very clear body language and is sociable and fearless so is good with dogs that have poor canine communication skills.

I also have Dodge a Border Collie, from farm stock. He has been a challenging dog in many ways due to some serious congenital health issues which have affected his outlook on the world and he has been the catalyst for taking my understanding of the canine mind to a much higher level. I have trained him using 'shaping' and clicker training as well as luring and he now has an array of tricks that he loves to show off! Due to his health issues he had a very short agility career but loved rally obedience and scentwork and I have had tremendous fun exploring areas of training I never did with my other dogs. He has dog to dog aggression issues despite having been very well socialised as a young dog, this is due primarily to his health issues, compounded by a couple of very bad experiences with dogs who attacked him and extended periods of no contact with other dogs. A genetic predisposition to this type of behaviour through breed specific tendencies and his parental genetics will also have played a part. I have worked extensively to ensure he can partake in classes, obedience competitions and most importantly live a full and rewarding life. If you approach me for dog aggression issues I promise you I will fully empathise with just about every emotion that living with a dog like this brings! We have worked through inter dog aggression with my own dogs, human aggression, arousal issues, noise phobias and high prey drive issues; there are not many problems this dog has not presented! He has been an amazing teacher and has stretched my abilities to their limits but he is also an amazing dog and his focus on me is stronger than any other dog I have known or owned. He is still undergoing more treatments and is on permanent pain relief for his health issues and we will always be a work in progress as regards training I'm sure!

I have also owned an English springer spaniel, Royce who I lost at 5 years old through uncontrollable epilepsy; Ruff who was nearly 15 years old, he was the dog I used most often to help with clients dogs as he was an excellent teaching dog for other canines and had a high level of obedience, he was also my soulmate and my dog in a million; and Blake a JRT x Chihuahua who lived until he was 14, all of these dogs contributed to my canine experience and understanding in their own way and are very sadly missed.