Qualifications & Experience

Dog Training & Behaviour

I have gained a diploma in Advanced Canine Behaviour and Psychology through the Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council. I have completed modules in advanced Common Canine Behaviour Problems and Aggression to both humans and dogs along with many others covering instructing, behaviour and training. I also regularly attend seminars and workshops to keep up to date with the latest techniques in modern dog training. I am a Master Trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers and an Associate Member of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association. I have undertaken training as a T Touch practitioner and Fit Paws Master Trainer both of which use a holistic approach to dog health and behaviour.

I taught agility for 4 years at club level and competed my own dogs in both UKA and Kennel Club and won many shiny rosettes and trophies! Dodge competed at rally obedience and was very successful gaining Excellent scores in every competition and won or was placed at most of them. All are now retired and as Dodge has multiple health issues I do not plan to have any new dogs as he prefers a less crowded household. 

I have also fostered numerous dogs over the last 15 years both independently and for a local charity all of whom had serious behavioural issues or a complete lack of basic obedience. Two of my own dogs are/were rescue dogs and I have faced the daily challenges their history brings to our relationship and the affect it has on their behaviour.

I have been undertaking private one to one lessons and behavioural consults since 2010 and I run group lessons specialising in real life training for dogs who either have aggression to other dogs or who lack basic obedience or both. I also run socialisation walks which take place in various locations where clients can practice management and training techniques just as they encounter on a daily basis on their walks with their dogs. I teach agility on both a private one to one basis and group lessons. I have undertaken numerous puppy consults and offer advice to new owners both before their new puppy arrives and afterwards to make sure that a balanced relationship is established creating a good environment for the puppy to prevent any behavioural issues from arising. Prevention is always better than cure! I also advise people when considering taking on a rescue dog as to what type of dog would suit their lifestyle and ability and can offer training using my own dogs to help you prepare for the responsibility of taking a new dog into your home, possibly for the first time.