Group Lessons

Dog Training & Behaviour

BST classes as follows;

Tuesday evenings at 7.15pm I hold a Taking the Lead Life Skills class; this is for dogs over 6 months of age and focusses on all aspects of basic obedience such as loose lead walking, recall and sit, down, stand basic positions. We also concentrate on polite meets and greets with people and other dogs so this is a great opportunity to socialize your dog in a controlled environment. I incorporate confidence building exercises, proprioception (knowing where their feet are!), fitness for injury prevention as well as rally obedience training alongside any particular issues you may be experiencing with your dog. This class is a roll on and roll off format so you do not have to commit to a fixed number of weeks.

Taking the Lead Advanced Obedience class; this is intended as a follow on course from the life skills class or for those dogs who already have a good level of basic obedience. Building confidence and motivation for your dog through basic obedience, rally obedience, fitness and balance. Rally obedience is a more exciting way to further obedience with your dog using a Rally Obedience course with signs for the exercises of which there are 64! We also use balance boards, cavaletti and grids to improve a dogs awareness of all four feet and work on focus and self control games. These are mixed ability groups and training is tailored to you and your dog but requires a basic level of general obedience and desire to work for the handler. Suitbale for dogs over 9 months of age. This class is not currently running but please get in touch if you are interested as I have a few others on a waiting list.

Please contact me if you think either of these classes would be suitable for you and your dog. Each person is required to attend a private assessment before joining any of the above groups so that I can assess their dog, its behaviour and suitability for the class. This will last about 2 hours, we will begin some training and I will email some hand outs with specific information regarding your dogs training issues afterwards so that you can work on these before attending class.

Agility for dogs over 1 year of age - any breed, any size. This is held on tuesday afternoons at 2pm and Wednesday evenings 6pm and at 7.15pm lasting an hour. I have aluminium contact equipment and an enclosed training field. If you have never done agility before you will need some one to one sessions until you have mastered the basics if you would like to join a class. Please contact me if you are interested in agility to discuss your options. 

Private agility tuition - lessons are available on a one to one basis, these can be for an hour or for half an hour, and are available both during the week and at weekends if I'm not competing with my own dog. Although a dog should be over a year old to undertake full agility there is lots you can be doing with your younger dog to help prepare them for their agility career so please get in touch if you have a young dog so we can get the foundation training in place.

Health warning: dog agility is addictive! It's also great fun, very sociable and great exercise for both you and your dog!