One to One Training

Dog Training & Behaviour

Basic obedience training - Available any day of the week and lessons can be undertaken either in my securely fenced training field, at your home or out on a walk depending upon the needs of your dog. The first step is to gather some background information about you and your dog and we can then meet and decide upon a tailored training plan for your particular needs or just a one off session if you are looking for some general guidance and training advice.

Training package - For those dogs that require some intensive training or just because you would find it more convenient to organise training around your schedule I offer an initial assessment which will last about 2 hours where we will look at all of your training needs and begin some work on the issues presented. I will then send you some written advice on the training needed and we will book a further four, one hour sessions over a 12 week period. This is designed for obedience issues or mild dog to dog aggression only and is not suitable for dealing with more serious levels of aggression to dogs or people or other behavioural issues where a consult in your home would be more suitable.

Puppy/New Dog Consults - Prevention is always better than cure and I am keen to encourage owners to contact me before they get their new puppy to discuss how to choose an appropriate breed for their circumstances and lifestyle, how to settle the puppy into its new home and where to begin with training. This service is free. I also offer full puppy consults once you have your new dog which take place in your home and covers every aspect of puppy ownership and training. Similarly if you are considering offering a home to a rescue dog I am happy to advise you about a suitable breed or type of dog and the problems often associated with taking an older dog potentially with pre-existing issues into your home.

Agility - I have a large training field fully equipped with the new aluminium contact equipment, jumps, tunnels and weaves. Agility is a great sport for any dog and any handler, I have one client who is in her 80's and dogs from Jack Russels to German Shepherds; you don't have to own a Border Collie to do agility!