Socialisation Walks

Dog Training & Behaviour

Walking your dog should be one of the great pleasures of dog ownership. Unfortunately for many it can become an unpleasant experience either because your dog lacks good social skills, your dogs recall becomes non existent when other distractions look more appealing than you do or you are worried about other dogs behaviour when out walking. The group walks I hold aim to improve the control you have over your own dog in the real world with all its many distractions, teach you how to read and understand canine communication and also help those dogs with poor social skills become better canine citizens. Suitable for dogs over 9 months of age.

BST: Wednesday mornings at 9.30am and Tuesday evenings at 6pm - these walks take place in the village of Odcombe and will last for 1 hour. We will cover loose lead walking, basic obedience, recall and reading canine communication  but will concentrate on the dogs (and owners!) being comfortable in a small social group (maximum 6 client dogs) with less risk of meeting other dogs as Odcombe is a quiet village with lots of footpaths. It is essential you book each week into this class so that I can plan the walk around your dogs needs. Some of the time may be spent in my enclosed training fields working on social skills or recall. Dogs will only be off lead if assessed to have reliable recall and no aggression issues; training leads and long lines can be used to assist with this training in class.

You will need to undertake a private assessment before joining a group walk.