Dog Training & Behaviour

A trio of Terrier terrorists!

A trio of Terrier terrorists!

Owner: Rachel and Derek
Dog: Stanley, Rosie and Ernie
Breed: JRT
Location: West Coker

The consult was for Ernie the son of Stanley and Rosie. He was described as highly reactive to people and dogs, went beserk when the lead was picked up, pulled on his lead and showed jealous behaviour if either of the other dogs got any attention from their owners. I was expecting a demon dog! On arrival I knew I was at the right house as the yipping and barking was full volume and the dogs were up on the furniture and tearing around as I walked into the house. Clearly there were issues with all of the dogs behaviour and it soon became apparent to me that the family dynamics of these 3 dogs were the problem, not Ernie himself. 

Before the consult was over the dogs behaviour was already improving with some rule changes in place for all 3 of the dogs. Rachel and Derek were left with a list of changes to implement including walking the dogs seperately for a while, buying harnesses for them, training lead manners and door control. Just 6 days later Stanley and Ernie took part in a socialization walk with remarkable success. Ernie was off lead and mixing happily with 5 other dogs within the hour. Rachel is now hoping to begin agility training with him, something she has always wanted to try.

Testimonial: A big thank you for today, thoroughly enjoyed it and once again Ernie has made me smile.  I really want to do agility with him I have been looking for a hobby for a while and it will be good for both of us.  Please can you let me know when you think we can start with you.  I understand we are at early stages but it is certainly something I want to aim for.
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