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Owner: Angela and Dave Warren
Dog: Mocha
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Location: Yeovil
Description: Mocha is a 3 year old Springer who had picked up some very bad habits from her older canine companion and was also possibly quite a shy and fearful dog in her own right. When her older companion died Mocha found herself having to redouble her efforts to protect the house from intruders and also herself from other dogs. She was  worried about having her lead on and going for a walk as this would leave the house unprotected and she would also attack the vacuum cleaner or anything else that made a noise in the house. She even became distressed if anyone shouted within the home. After just one training session Mocha had learnt not to bark when the doorbell rang nor to bark at the person who came in. She was also able to tolerate the vacuum being moved but not yet switched on. She is also now able to enjoy fun and games off lead out on walks with the safety net of a trailing lead and this was achieved in just one session by her owners learning to communicate effectively with her and engaging her through a workable reward system as well as taking part in a socialization walk. She now attends class regularly to help her owners continue with her behavioural reform and they are about to welcome a new puppy into their household something that would have been a disastrous decision just 2 weeks ago is now an event to look forward to.
I bumped into Paula at a petrol station completely by chance and thought it was the ideal opportunity to question Mochas behaviour.  We knew we needed help as she had several issues. Also we were looking at welcoming a new puppy into our household.  We were amazed at how quickly Mocha changed and to have her off lead on our first group walk was amazing. 

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