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Barking at the TV

Owner: Nicola Ellis
Dog: Tilly
Breed: West Highland Terrier
Location: Bridgend

Nicola was staying for two nights as a B&B guest at my pub with her little Westie, Tilly, and a friend who was in her campervan in the campsite with a parrot and a cat! The night before her departure she asked if I could help her dog who always barked at the TV particularly when animals came on. Watching Countryfile had become impossible. We arranged a one hour session for the following morning. 

Nicola was a fantastic pupil who listened intently to my explanation of what we were doing and why and has since been consistent in her own behaviour which means Tilly now understands that barking at the TV is not a good behaviour and that sitting quietly is and results in praise and even some tasty treats! Well done Nicola and Tilly.


This was her email to me the following day after I had sent her a recap of the training we had done:

"Thank you for all this information, but more importantly, thank you for giving me my amazing dog who doesn't bark at the TV! Well, to say she doesn't isn't 100% true, she has tried a couple of times but immediately stops when I say 'no' and give the reward. I and my husband and friend cannot believe the transformation."

A week later she reported:

"So far so good. Not perfect yet but nearly there......My adult children just won't believe it when they next stay, they're always complaining of her barking at the TV"

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