Case Study

Highly reactive

Owner: Pippa
Dog: Sandy
Breed: Border Collie
Location: Montacute

Sandy was struggling in the rescue kennels as she was suffering from severe stress and was highly reactive to other dogs as well as any movement or noise from just about anything! She arrived on Christmas Eve 2012 dancing on her back legs and totally out of control. She had to be muzzled for the first few weeks of her stay as she would redirect onto whatever was closest when aroused which could easily be my leg! She was with me for about 3 months in foster care and soon showed herself to be a very bright and highly trainable dog. She loved agility and her focus level onto the task in hand soon improved which helped her begin to ignore the proximity of other dogs. She was taught to lie down and be quiet when she spotted another dog when out on a walk and she can obey this command at a distance which is of course invaluable with an aggressive dog who is allowed off lead. She is able to walk with other dogs once she has been quietly introduced but you do have to watch for the possibility of deer in the vicinity as she just loves to track them and suddenly can become quite deaf....

Sandy is very lucky to have such a loving owner who was prepared to undertake training herself to understand how to manage Sandy's behaviour. It's not been plain sailing and sometimes it still goes a bit pear shaped but the two clearly adore each other and they just put mishaps behind them and try to get it right next time. Well done to Pippa and Sandy!


Sandy, my rescue 7 year old collie, was rehabilitated by Paula.  Sandy had been left in a garden, neglected and underfed.  Although apparently basically trained, she became rather feral - biting, barking and running along the fence.  She became very reactive and nervy as well.  Especially with other dogs.  In just 3 months Paula cured most of this completely.  Sandy is now very friendly with people and becoming steadily less and less nervous with other dogs.  She's a lovely clever girl and this is because Paula has uncovered her essential nature and calmed her down.

Sandy's recall needs improving but for this to happen all Paula has to do now is to train Sandy's owner!


Many thanks to Paula for my adorable Sandy!

Main Image: DSCF2123.JPG