Case Study

Pulling on the lead

Owner: Foster dogs for a local charity
Dog: Rosie & Daisy
Breed: JRT x Cocker Spaniels
Location: Yeovil

Rosie and Daisy were mother and daughter who had been handed into a local rescue centre along with another JRT who was likely to have been the father of Rosie. They were lovely dogs but totally over bonded with each other and had received no obedience training in their previous home and consequently pulled like tanks. Daisy the Mum, the black and white one, loved playing with a ball and played fetch beautifully and Rosie just loved chasing her Mum!

I offered to foster them and took them home. Both being very motivated for food and playing ball was the key to their training and after just 10 days I entered them into an obedience trial that was being held at Buckham Fair.

Testimonial: After just 10 days training Rosie achieved a score of just 4 faults, beating my own well trained dogs who achieved scores of 5 and 7 and coming 7th out of over 50 dogs some of whom were Kennel Club competition dogs! Daisy was less advanced in her training and had 24 faults but was faultless on the lead she just hadn't quite mastered the stay and recall to the required distance.
Main Image: ChevvyRosieDaisy.JPG