Canine Behaviour Consultant

Dog Training & Behaviour

Currently due to the Covid 19 pandemic I am unable to offer any 1-1 training as I also own the Masons Arms where I am based and am working full time in that business.

My field is available to rent, please see the section on Field Rental for full details.

For a comprehensive analysis of your dog’s behaviour and tailored training plan a full behavioural consult is recommended. Once you have contacted me and we have discussed your dog’s issues I will send you an appropriate questionnaire to gather further background information. The consult generally takes two to three hours and takes place in your home. We will spend part of the time discussing the problem’s presented and may need to undertake some temperament tests to evaluate the dog’s behaviour fully. We can then begin some rehabilitation training towards the end of the consult. I will supply a full written report stating the problems presented, how to address them and a training plan specific for your dog. On-going advice via email or telephone is included in the price as well as two further one hour sessions that take place in my training fields to ensure you are making progress.